ZeRi, Auspicious Date Selection

ZeRi, Auspicious Date Selection 

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GOOD DATES Are used to:

  • Move into a property or office, marriage, signing contracts, important meetings, starting a new position, grand openings/celebrations, medical procedures.
  • Launch a new business, project or product
  • Implement strategic and financial decisions
  • Magnify successful outcome of actions taken
  • Help solve personal, professional and business issues

We have all had days that play like a symphony and those were nothing goes according to plan, almost from the moment we wake up. These are results of the day’s Qi influence. Auspicious Date Selection looks at the most suitable date with the strongest Qi, to enhance a specific action. An ideal date triggers optimum Qi to leverage the outcome of set goals. Dates that have a positive alignment with personal BaZi charts, tend to add potency to results.

Two parts to Auspicious Date Selection

1. Personal Date Selection is for any important personal, professional and business activity. It is subject to the capacity of client BaZi birth charts.

2. Feng Shui Date Selection uses dates that match the property’s Feng Shui for moving and commencing construction or renovations.


What is the Origin of ZeRi, Auspicious Date Selection?

Yin Yang

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how it intersects with the movement of other planets, like the moon, stars, asteroids and meteors, creates the Qi on any given day.

As celestial bodies exert upon one another, they generate energies and gravitational forces that influence the flow of the universe. ZeRi is the study of how those forces affect natural and man-made phenomenon on Earth. We use ZeRi to know when the Qi is with us and when it moves against us, so we have a hand in the outcome of our decisions.

The Chinese have relied on auspicious date selection for thousands of years. ZeRi was a tool of the royalty and nobility of the Imperial Court of China. The ancient emperors relied upon the counsel of their ZeRi advisors before deciding any major course of action. lt was used in all matters of the state, political affairs of peace or warfare and entanglements with rivaling kings and rulers. It was a method to maintain rule and perpetuate dynasties. This became the Solar calendar.

Commoners like peasants and farmers who formed the middle classes of Chinese society developed their own almanac for auspicious dates so they would know when to sow the fields and harvest crops. Merchants and travelers used it for embarking on business ventures and travelling. This became the Lunar calendar.

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